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Kapasan Mata

Kapasan Mata, kuldevi of Khuteta Gotra of Khandelwal Vaisya Samaj. The trust was developed by Shri SatyanarayanJi Khuteta (Son of Mohanlalji Khuteta, Present : Mumbai, Delhi, Culcutta) from Kisangadh, Renval (Dist. Jaipur) in 1997. The trust consistently put effort to celebrate this festival following the thought process of the intellectuals and also satisfying the expectation, hopes and aspirations of the common man.

Worshipers from all corners of the world come to see Legendary, Wonderful, Miraculous and auspicious Kapasan Mata. Worshipers congregate here. The scene is quintessence of Worship and affection for the Kapasan Mata. Worshipers worship with full faith in the Lord and purifies the soul. Worshipers pay visit to just observe the idol of Lord with all the faith and affection. And preserve the image in their heart and soul. The worshipers bow down in front of the Lord with their two hands and head down, by offering the flowers and even the petals experience the gratitude, worshipers ask for blessings for life´s journey strength, power, energy, force, happiness, contentment, glory, to attain success and fame and to get rid of sadness, misery, distress and sufferings ask for mercy from the Lord, to attain success in the field of academics and to divert them towards Knowledge and wisdom they put forth their beseech the Lord of Knowledge and wisdom Mata, thus many such worshipers through their faith beautify Kapasan Mata´s court.

God is beyond that cannot be seen through eyes, that cannot be sensed, that we are aware off, but that can be experienced in the sanctum of the heart makes the worshiper content and satisfied.

The money donated by the devotees must be utilized for the betterment of the society, to rehabilitate the downtrodden; to reduce pain, misery and tension is the belief of the trust. And to follow their belief the trust is working towards knowing the problems faced by the neglected class. Many events and activities are undertaken by the trust the sole purpose of providing service to neglect and thus they are reaching them to extend their services. Thus following the path of the humble service.